We all don’t look like models.

We also tend to judge a book by its cover.

And we tend to judge people by how they look or smell.

Look, time isn’t on our side. And we form impressions about people as quick as we can to help us move forward.

Someone taught me to present myself well, not that I don’t, but I can look so much better.

Buy better fitting clothes, smell presentable.

Nobody is going to stay around with your unsightly appearance or bad smell to know your great character or abilities.

Unless you are a super talent and the other person judging you is Mother Teresa.

This applies to the food we eat and the content we consume.

The food I eat will either make me lethargic or energetic.

It’s only by eating unhealthy food that I realised how good healthy food feels for the body. You will feel sharper, lighter and more motivated.

It’s not some rocket science hack. Take care of the food you eat, read Michael Pollen’s books.

Also, once you minimize use of social media, that liberation paints a nice contrast that we all should have.

Whatever we expose ourselves to, makes us.

Ever since the pandemic, everything tech has been blown up.

Including jobs related to technology. Everyone is trying to get on the tech wave, no fault.

But I learnt something recently and hope it gives you perspective.

If you ever tried anything related to coding recently, you’ll realise one thing…

You would probably think otherwise.

But anything you don’t do online, doesn’t count.

We are in an online world. Everyone checks everyone’s work out online, that’s the first door.

If you don’t open the first door, how would people even know that you deliver even more amazing work offline?

It’s the same as people saying looks don’t matter, impression doesn’t matter, what matters is your personality or the work you produce.

But the question is, it’s just going to be harder to get to people if people are avoiding you because of your lack of online or physical impression.

Row with the current, not against the current.

And the current these days is about sharing your work online. I learnt it the hard way, so I hope you don’t.

How Do You Know What to Read If Most Books Are Just Repeating Others?

Most books are just repeating one another. And they all appear on the bestselling list. Many people then read them.

You will start to realise that you will nod and agree to a lot of pointers but in the end, come away with nothing, take away nothing to apply in your life.

That’s because naturally, we tend to want to read what we already know. We want to be told that we are right, whether it be through books or with others.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But the truth is, you don’t really learn anything new when you consistently expose yourself to things you already know.

Read books that you might not want to read. Maybe that’s where the next learning is.

Schools never taught that, companies want that. WTH

Recently, I tried to break down why some companies are successful in marketing and why some aren’t.

I couldn’t see it clearly until I stumbled upon MECE logic trees, Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive logic trees that the best consultants use to do work.

It made everything a lot clearer. It made me really curious, if this was such an important tool to solve problems, any problem, regardless of business or personal; why don’t schools teach students this?

That’s where things will be at peace

When the ocean knows its boundaries, the world is at peace. When the ocean stretches beyond its boundaries, chaos ensue, humans perish.

It’s the same as humans. If we think that we need to control people around us, or stretch out to help every single person around us solve their problems, there will certainly be conflicts.

Some problems aren’t meant to be solved by others. Some problems are purposely left unsolved.

We need to know where we stand and what our limits are.

Troy Lee

Learnings, in short.

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